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Workshops & Events

I love to be an active participant in the community which is why you'll often find me taking on speaking engagements, teaching workshops, and getting involved in events big and small. You can follow along and see what’s coming up here,


Nonprofit Leadership


I teach a cohort-based 5-session workshop for nonprofit professionals and leaders exploring a move to the nonprofit sector to learn what nonprofit CEOs do and how to be effective starting on day one. During the workshop you and other members of the cohort learn more about managing a board of directors, managing stakeholder relationships, while building a personal plan to further develop your leadership skills. The spring session just wrapped up.  You can sign up for the waitlist to be informed of the fall dates and get more information on the workshop HERE.

I am hosting this free webinar on September 13th at 12:00 EDT . I assume this is obvious, but these are four mistakes I made and am passionate about helping others to avoid. During the webinar, I'll share how to:

  • Eliminate the steep learning curve of becoming an effective nonprofit leader

  • Discover how to balance the different needs of all of your stakeholders

  • Feel better prepared and equipped to lead and grow a nonprofit

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